ASV 2810 MTL Tracks

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Track width 457 mm
Track pitch 101.6 mm
Track links 56
Track weight 200 lbs
Track size
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The multi-terrain loader (MTL) goes where your front end loader can’t. Its low profile and compact power enable you to take on the tough jobs. But an MTL is only as good as its tracks. ASV 2810 MTL Tracks from Fortis are non-metal core rubber tracks with layers of ultra-tough Kevlar Aramid Fibers at their core that provide greater flexibility where the terrain demands while also delivering superior traction and durability. The Kevlar core works to reduce stretching, which in turn enables the track to retain its footing even when the surface is loose or sloppy or aggressively uneven. At the same time, our ASV 2810 MTL Replacement Track generate less ground disturbance and are lighter than steel core tracks, which goes a long toward improving fuel efficiency.

At Fortis, we feature an array of non-metal core rubber tracks for your MTL. Besides the Kevlar core, they feature all natural rubber compounds that enable long life as well as deep lugs that provide superior grip regardless of what’s underfoot. The wide footprint of these ASV 2810 MTL Tracks helps distribute the weight of your loader evenly across any surface in order to reduce vibration and shock. Every aspect of operation benefits. None more so than bucket retention. As a result, you don’t find yourself constantly revisiting areas that should have been clear. 457 x 101.6 x 56 ASV 2810 MTL Rubber tracks from Fortis are made to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs that guarantee a perfect fit every time. Float over mud, turf, sand and other loose or soft soils, keep your footing when the going gets tough and reduce downtime with the Fortis ASV 2810 MTL Rubber track.

Purchasing leading edge, non-metal core rubber tracks for your Multi-Terrain Loader from Fortis allows you to enhance functionality, reduce breakdowns and increase productivity. Every MTL track we sell is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty as well as our own industry best customer care. When performance matters make sure, you send your MTL out wearing nothing short of the best: ASV 2810 MTL Replacement Tracks from Fortis.


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