ASV SR70 MTL Tracks

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Track width 381 mm
Track pitch 101.6 mm
Track links 51
Track weight 150.00 lbs
Track size
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

Multi-Terrain Loader tracks don’t come any better than these ASV SR70 MTL Rubber Tracks from Fortis. They allow your bread and butter machinery to operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness while keeping your operator safe and protecting your bottom line. At their core are multiple layers of Kevlar Aramid Fiber that provides structural integrity without undermining the flexibility that is so important with this type of track. Fortis ASV SR70 MTL Tracks also allow your Multi-Terrain Loader to glide across soft surfaces that tend to swallow uploaders sporting discount tracks so you can bring the job in on time and under budget. With their 381 x 101.6 profile and 51 links, they provide robust lateral stability and a surefire connection between track and loader that can’t be undermined by what’s underfoot. Any contractor serious about minimizing downtime and maximizing long-term value needs these ASV SR70 MTL Rubber Tracks on their MTL.

ASV SR70 MTL Replacement Tracks are engineered specifically to meet the needs of the Multi-Terrain Loader. They’re substantially lighter than steel core tracks which helps your MTL retain optimal mobility and maximize fuel economy. Lighter tracks also mean less wear and tear on other components of the loader which equates to fewer breakdowns, less spent on maintenance and a longer overall life for your expensive MTL. In addition, our ASV SR70 MTL Tracks are built to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications which means they’ll fit your ASV SR70 like they were made for it. Because they were. The rubber compounds used to create the bulk of each track are of the highest grade and contribute significantly to track durability, flexibility, elasticity, and strength.

At Fortis, we’re proud to offer ASV SR70 MTL Replacement Tracks to all of our valued customers at the most competitive prices possible. We understand that in today’s ultra-competitive business environment you can’t afford to let accessories drain your budget. At the same time, you can also rest easy knowing the ASV SR70 MTL Tracks you purchase from Fortis are backed by our outstanding customer service as well as a full manufacturer’s warranty.


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