CASE CK50 Rubber Tracks

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Flat Rates

Warranty Details
Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 72.5 mm
Track links 74
Track weight 654.84
Track size 400x72.5Wx74
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

With a nearly 19 foot horizontal reach and the ability to drop its load more than 13 feet in the air the CASE CK50 is the definition of mini excavator versatility. You can outfit this beauty with industry standard rubber tracks if you like, but then you’ll be tying its hands behind its back. The CK50 is bristling with potential and when you switch to CASE EK50B rubber tracks you’ll finally be able to see what it can do. Operator safety and productivity will both be significantly improved while downtime from detracking and shredding events will be virtually eliminated.

CASE EK50B replacement tracks from Fortis provide industry best lateral stability thanks to a layered core comprised of continuously wound high quality stainless steel cable. That stainless steel heart also allows our CASE EK50B rubber tracks to repel all manner of invasive debris and environmental hazards including construction nails, rebar, broken glass and more. In addition you’ll also virtually eliminate de-tracking episodes because our CASE EK50B replacement tracks are built to OEM standards. That means

no more rubber tracks slapping and dragging along the undercarriage of the excavator. And fewer impacts of that sort mean longer track life.

When it’s time to switch rubber tracks no one wants to go broke trying to save money. That is, paying to obtain more dependable tracks shouldn’t be a financial burden. At Fortis, we’re keenly aware of the need for construction companies to rein in costs and so our CASE EK50B replacement tracks are always priced affordably. The good of our clients depends on it. If the time has come to confine your undependable discount rubber tracks to the recycle bin once and for all, step up to CASE EK50B replacement tracks from Fortis and reacquaint yourself with those long lost notions of quality and profitability.


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