CAT 257B2 Rubber Tracks

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Track width 381 mm
Track pitch 101.6 mm
Track links 42
Track weight 190.00 lbs
Track size 381x101.6x42 , 15x4x42
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

Different types of loaders call for different types of rubber tracks and if you have a Caterpillar 257B2 the tracks you’ll want to ensure optimal performance is our CAT 257B2 MTL Replacement Tracks. Where some track retailers will try to sell you on the notion of slinging steel core tracks on your Multi-Terrain Loader you’d do well to resist that impulse. These lighter, more versatile CAT 257B2 MTL Tracks will enable a higher level of performance along with less wear and tear and greater fuel efficiency. The performance edge they provide is due in large part to their Kevlar Aramid Fiber core. Kevlar is far lighter than steel but exhibits a similar ability to resist intrusive debris. It also does an outstanding job ensuring lateral stability without impinging flexibility. These are wide, tough, long-lasting, high-performance tracks that will help you complete more work in less time.

CAT 257B2 MTL Rubber Tracks from Fortis surround their no-nonsense Kevlar Fiber core with multiple layers fashioned from high-performance rubber compounds. These compounds have been scientifically formulated to resist the stretching, twisting, and flexing that tends to send discount tracks to an early grave. Our CAT 257B2 MTL Tracks are built to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specs and that means that they fit your loader like a glove and won’t come popping off like lesser tracks every time your operator executes a tight turn. Their lightweight design allows your loader to float across loose surfaces and keep you in the game even when the ground has turned to slop. Lighter tracks are also easier on the other components of your loader like the engine, idler wheels, and rollers.

When you replace the rubber tracks on your 257B2 with CAT 257B2 MTL Replacement Tracks from Fortis you’re choosing to ramp up productivity and drastically reduce downtime and maintenance costs. You’ll also ensure a safer environment for your operator and reduced fuel expenditures while enjoying levels of efficiency and effectiveness from your loader you didn’t think were possible. Don’t delay. Choose CAT 257B2 MTL Rubber Tracks from Fortis and elevate your game.


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