Ditch Witch SK750 Narrow Skid Steer Rubber Track

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Warranty Details
Track width 180 mm
Track pitch 72 mm
Track links 44
Track weight 65.00
Track size 180x72x44
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

Part forklift, part boring machine, part snow plow and more the ultra-versatile Ditch Witch SK750 Narrow Skid Steer Loader is often times the best friend a construction company can have. Outfit it with high performance rubber tracks from Fortis and the sky is the limit as far as what you’ll get from this pocket dynamo. Our Ditch Witch SK750 rubber tracks are carefully constructed using the highest quality natural and synthetic rubbers and original equipment manufacturer specs. As a result your SK750 will fulfil its potential and you’ll fulfil your wish of bringing more projects in on time and within budget.

Rubber tracks are as important to the performance of your mini excavator as the right shoes are to the performance of elite athletes. Install SK750 rubber tracks from Fortis on your machine you’ll enjoy quieter operation, better traction, far fewer detracking episodes, less vibration and optimal performance regardless of the conditions of the terrain. And while our Ditch Witch SK750 replacement tracks are tough they’re also capable of a softer touch than steel tracks, which means less damage to client landscaping. This is all possible due to the multi-layer fabrication process we use to create our mini excavator rubber tracks.

Inside our rubber tracks is a layer of durable vulcanized rubber that buttresses structural integrity and helps prevent pop-offs. Next up is a layer of continuously wound stainless steel cord that acts as a barrier against invasive debris. And above that are additional layers of natural and synthetic rubber compounds that endow the track with necessary flexibility. The bottom line is that Ditch Witch SK750 rubber tracks from Fortis put you in the best possible position to get the job done right and without disruptive detracking or shredding episodes. Toss in their surprisingly affordable price and our industry best customer service and you have a common sense investment in your company’s well-being.


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