Hitachi EX40-2 Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

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Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 72.5 mm
Track links 72
Track weight 637.15 lbs
Track size 400x72.5x72
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

There are all types of discount rubber tracks out there trying to find their way onto your EX40-2 but none that are in the same league as Hitachi EX40-2 mini excavator rubber tracks from Fortis. Our Hitachi rubber tracks are made to last using Original Equipment Manufacturing specs. This allows them to obtain a perfect fit which in turn means better handling, improved fuel economy, enhanced safety and longer life for your tracks. That perfect fit also means you can kiss goodbye to those nuisance de-tracking episodes that are like battery acid on your margins.

Our Hitachi EX40-2 rubber tracks have been engineered using not only OEM specs but also some of the most durable, longest lasting rubber compounds available. They’re flexible when they need to be and hold fast when you want them to. They have heavy duty no-pinch steel links that create smooth action across the rollers and a core of splice-free, continuously wound steel cable that repels invasive debris and helps the track retain lateral stability and integrity when the torque becomes ferocious. These Hitachi EX40-2 replacement tracks will propel your EX40-2 to new heights of performance, reduce your average fuel expenditures, drastically reduce downtime and increase productivity. In addition, your EX40-2 will handle like a dream even if it’s a bit long in the tooth.

At Fortis, we understand how important it is for you to keep costs under control. As such we strive to make these Hitachi EX40-2 mini excavator rubber tracks available at the most competitive price possible. On top of that, every track is covered by the company’s comprehensive warranty and then further backed by our own best in class customer service. Make sure your EX40-2 doesn’t leave the yard wearing anything less than these Hitachi EX40-2 replacement tracks from Fortis.


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