Hitachi EX50 Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

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Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 72.5 mm
Track links 72
Track weight 637.15 lbs
Track size 400x72.5x72
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The Hitachi EX50 mini excavator tips the scales at nearly 10,500 pounds, produces 101.8 lb-ft of torque and can dump its load 13.5 feet in the air. As such some classify it as a “midi” rather than a “mini” excavator. But however, you classify it you still need to outfit it with the right tracks. Our Hitachi EX50 mini excavator rubber tracks are designed and fabricated to stand up to the constant twisting and stretching generated by the EX50; forces that make short work of discount tracks. Our Hitachi rubber tracks use Original Equipment Manufacturer specs as a jumping off point and then up the stakes by actually using better materials than you’ll find in the original factory-issued tracks.

Some of those materials are the cutting edge rubber compounds that comprise the outer portion of these Hitachi EX50 mini excavator rubber tracks. Those compounds were engineered in the lab specifically to withstand the forces generated by the EX50. In addition, no-pinch steel links ensure smooth track motion and a firm connection between these Hitachi EX50 rubber tracks and the excavator. Also, because intrusive debris has historically been an issue for rubber tracks our  Hitachi EX50 replacement tracks address that too with multiple layers of stainless steel cord woven into the track to create an effective barrier against glass shards, rebar fragments, spikes and more.

We at Fortis are keenly aware that the ability to contain costs is more important than ever in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Therefore we offer our Hitachi EX50 replacement tracks at extremely competitive prices. They’re also covered by our top-shelf customer service and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re tired of downtime and poor performance trade up to Hitachi EX50 rubber tracks from Fortis. They’ll help you get back in touch with your profit margins.


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