JCB 801.5 Rubber Tracks

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Flat Rates

Warranty Details
Track width 230 mm
Track pitch 48 mm
Track links 62
Track weight 128.11
Track size 230x48x62
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

JCB makes some of the most versatile, dependable mini excavators on the market today, but they won’t be able to really prove their mettle unless you outfit them with leading-edge mini excavator rubber tracks from Fortis. Our JCB 801.5 rubber tracks provide you the kind of predictability that will enhance every aspect of your operation. In the process they’ll also allow your operators to push the performance envelope of the equipment while at the same time enhancing safety. When the time has come to change rubber tracks make sure you select JCB 801.5 mini excavator rubber tracks from Fortis.

Every one of our mini excavator rubber tracks is built to original equipment manufacturer’s standards. That means they’ll fit your excavator like a glove. As a result, damaging undercarriage contact will be eliminated as will the kind of lateral float that can compromise safety when operating on less than solid ground. Each of our JCB 801.5 replacement tracks is also engineered to prevent the kind of detracking episodes that can really pull the plug on profits. Instead, what your operators will experience is the kind of consistently stable platform they may have thought was impossible to achieve with the 801.5. And what you’ll achieve is a welcome break from emergency calls reporting yet another blown track.

In an age of ever-spiraling construction costs it’s more important than ever to carve as much value out of every purchase as possible. JCB 801.5 mini excavator rubber tracks from Fortis let you do just that. You’ll pay a bit more than you will for generic tracks but you’ll get a lot more in return. Don’t spend any more of your company’s precious capital gambling that those discount tracks won’t leave you high and dry this time. Instead, invest in JCB rubber tracks from Fortis and experience the difference quality makes.


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With our commitment and dedication to client happiness, ordering and receiving equipment replacement parts has never been easier than with Fortis Tracks. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost quality and ease when making your equipment replacement order, be it for rubber tracks, mini excavator tracks or even OTR tires. We’ve got you covered:

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