JCB 8052 Rubber Track

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Warranty Details
Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 72.5 mm
Track links 74
Track weight 637.15
Track size 400x72.5x74
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

The JCB 8052 is 9,000+ pounds of earth moving mojo that eats discount rubber tracks for lunch. The 8052 can reach down into the ground more than 11 feet to excavate for sewer lines, septic tanks, swimming pools and more. It’s the kind of work that demands a stable footing and our JCB 8052 mini excavator rubber tracks are just the thing to deliver it. Built (and we mean “built”) to OEM specs our JCB rubber tracks enable a level of responsiveness from your 8052 you may have thought was unattainable. At the same time they eliminate the kind of operator fatigue that can come from constantly fighting against the machine because the tracks are slipping and sliding.

We say our rubber tracks are “built” because, unlike standard mini excavator rubber tracks that are the product of an injection mold, our JCB 8052 replacement tracks are constructed from the inside out. It’s a multi-layer process that results in a track with intense lateral stability, incredible durability and best in class tensile strength. At the heart of every track are layers of continuously wound high quality stainless steel cord that form an impenetrable shield against intrusive debris such as rebar, construction spikes, glass shards, jagged concrete and more. By keeping these destructive forces at bay we eliminate much of the profit killing downtime companies otherwise routinely experience.

When you send your 8052 out on the flatbed you want it to get in, get the job done and get back for the next project. If it’s constantly on the sidelines because of detracking episodes and shredding tracks it will never live up to its potential and you’ll never enjoy the full benefits the machine is capable of delivering. Leading edge mini excavator rubber tracks from Fortis will allow you to remove the performance anchors that have been holding your equipment back and set you on the road to a more prosperous future.


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