Kobelco SK030UR-2 Rubber Tracks

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Warranty Details
Track width 300 mm
Track pitch 52.5 mm
Track links 82
Track weight 320.00
Track size 300x52.5x82
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

Cheap rubber tracks can seem like a gift from above for the construction company trying to make ends meet. But more often than not they’re little more than an ill-fitting empty promise. If you want to enjoy all the benefits rubber tracks can provide over steel tracks (beyond just the price), you need industry best Kobelco SK030UR-2 rubber tracks from Fortis. Our tracks provide better handling, improved responsiveness, better bite and longer life than any cheap rubber tracks can offer. And that’s just the start. Because they’re made to OEM specs from the best available materials they’re also drastically reduce downtime, thereby providing very real boosts to productivity and profitability.

Inside each of our rubber tracks is a layer of high quality stainless steel cord that helps provide the track with formidable lateral strength. This stainless steel layer also works in partnership with a layer of rugged vulcanized rubber to form a virtually impenetrable barrier to the kind of debris that can rip lesser tracks to shreds. That vulcanized rubber in turn provides the track impressive tensile strength that enables it to withstand high pressure torqueing that causes lesser tracks to pop off. Kobelco rubber tracks from Fortis will also drastically reduce excavator noise and prevent the kind of track to undercarriage contact that can shorten the life of both your SK030UR-2 and the track itself.

We’re well aware that many companies switch to rubber tracks because they’re typically more affordable than steel. As such, we work overtime to eliminate waste on our end so that you won’t have to pay premium prices for our premium Kobelco SK030UR-2 rubber tracks. In addition, should you have questions or concerns about transitioning from steel to rubber tracks – or anything else related to your tracks – you’ll find our customer support to be the best around.


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With our commitment and dedication to client happiness, ordering and receiving equipment replacement parts has never been easier than with Fortis Tracks. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost quality and ease when making your equipment replacement order, be it for rubber tracks, mini excavator tracks or even OTR tires. We’ve got you covered:

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