Aftermarket Bobcat E50 Rubber Track 400×72.5×74

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Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 72.5 mm
Track links 74
Track weight 600.00 lbs
Track size 400x72.5x74
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The Bobcat E50 mini excavator is no construction site wallflower. It’s a serious machine meant to move earth, rocks, tree stumps, gravel, construction debris and anything else that gets in your way. To get the most out of your E50 you need high-performance rubber tracks that won’t quit under pressure. Meaning you want the aftermarket Bobcat 400×72.5×74.

The company’s dedication to state of the art engineering creates the toughest track on the market. An outer layer of continuous splice free steel cable creates a warp-resistant belt the keeps the track in place even during the most extreme torquing events. That steel belt also fights off would be abrasions and perforations that undermine discount mini excavator rubber tracks while deep inside the track another layer of vulcanized rubber provides a stop gap against fatal gouging.

The Bobcat E50 mini excavator can simply never realize its full potential unless it’s wearing the type of premium rubber tracks that allow it to go where it’s capable of going and do what it’s capable of doing. Get the most out of your mini excavator by using the after market Bobcat 400×72.5×74 and kiss unnecessary down time goodbye once and for all.


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