Komatsu PC10-5 Mini Excavator Tracks

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Track width 300 mm
Track pitch 52.5 mm
Track links 76
Track weight 274.82 lbs
Track size 300x52.5Nx76
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The Komatsu PC10-5 mini excavator is the mini excavator that provides maxi versatility and value. It’s large enough to hold its own on a skyscraper jobsite yet small enough to sneak around the side of the house to excavate that clogged drain. To get the most out of your PC10-5 you need rubber tracks that are as versatile and durable as it is. You need the Komatsu 300×52.5×76. These mini excavator rubber tracks are engineered for the long haul and built for the toughest terrain.

The Komatsu 300×52.5×76 track for the PC10-5 mini excavator is a perfect expression of the company’s commitment to leading edge engineering. An outer layer of continuously wrapped steel cable prevents intrusions from many common jobsite hazards like rebar fragments, jagged concrete debris, branches and more. Inside, layer upon layer of natural and synthetic rubber provide the flexibility necessary to keep the track from snapping during extreme torque events or breaking down during repetitive motions.

The line between success and failure is a thin one. Having the right rubber tracks for your Komatsu PC10-5 mini excavator can get you across it. Don’t gamble your company’s future on discount tracks that will buckle under pressure and bring work to a halt. Keep things moving with the 300×52.5×76.


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