Komatsu PC28 UU2 Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

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Track width 300 mm
Track pitch 52.5 mm
Track links 80
Track weight 298.00 lbs
Track size 300x52.5Nx80
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The Komatsu PC28 UU2 mini excavator has a right hand bias that’s perfect for working up close to structures to effect foundation repairs as well as excavating along the side of a road where gaining a foothold can be difficult. But it doesn’t shy away from other work either. With the boom set back into the middle of the platform you’re looking at maximum stability with a minimal footprint. A workhorse such as this though needs rubber tracks that are as tough as it is, which means you need the Komatsu 300×52.2×80 aftermarket track.

The 300×52.5×80 is engineered to OEM specs so you can be sure there’s no disconnect between the track and the mini excavator. Its rugged durability begins with an outer layer of splice-free steel cable that helps the track retain horizontal integrity even as the mini excavator is experiencing maximum torque. Meanwhile, inside layers of natural rubber allow just enough flexing to retain your stance without sustaining the kind of permanent disfiguration that can ruin cheap rubber tracks. Don’t let cheap tracks be the thing that holds your company back. Make sure your PC28 UU2 mini excavator is always fitted with these Komatsu 300×52.5×80 aftermarket tracks.


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