Aftermarket Bobcat T550 Rubber Tracks 320x86x49

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Track width 320 mm
Track pitch 86 mm
Track links 49
Track weight 353.00 lbs
Track size 320x86Ax49
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

The Bobcat T550 compact track loader is able to accommodate different tracks depending on your particular needs. If you’re dealing with extreme loads and difficult terrain you likely want the wider of the two tracks. For everything else however this aftermarket Bobcat 320x86x49 compact track loader replacement track should be all you need. This track is built using OEM specs so you’ll always get a perfect fit that will allow the T550 to perform to its full capabilities. In addition the track employs advanced rubber compounds that give it incredible tensile strength and provide it with a surface tough enough to resist most tears, rips and gouges.

Beneath the surface lie 2 layers that are designed to provide structural integrity to the track when things get gnarly. The first layer is made of rugged vulcanized rubber and provides a rock solid underpinning to the track. The second layer is composed of helically wound, splice-free, drop-forged steel cable. This layer aids in the retention of the tracks’ profile and also creates a barrier that prevents penetration by most common jobsite hazards. All in all you wind up with compact track loader rubber tracks that will let your Bobcat T550 bring the job in on time with no interruptions to the work flow.


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