Terex PT50 Rubber Tracks 381×101.6×42

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Track width 381 mm
Track pitch 101.6 mm
Track links 42
Track weight 190.00 lbs
Track size 381x101.6x42 , 15x4x42
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

While Terex doesn’t have the name recognition of Caterpillar they’re nonetheless a force to be reckoned with and their PT50 is a popular Multi-Terrain Loader you’re likely to see on jobsites from coast to coast. Sand, turf, clay and loose topsoil are no match for the TP50; if you’ve outfitted it with the right rubber tracks. Terex PT50 MTL Rubber Tracks by Fortis help you get the most out of your TP50 by allowing you to glide across those types of mixed and soft terrain without worry. Our Terex PT50 MTL Replacement Tracks utilize Flexural Strength Technique which places a somewhat softer rubber on the inner circumference to stave off wear and tear that comes from constant flexing, twisting and stretching. Because of this, our Terex PT50 MTL Tracks are more abrasion resistant than discount tracks.

Terex PT50 MTL Rubber Tracks feature a core of Kevlar and Aramid Fibers that create a track that is incredibly tough and resistant to penetration but is also light and flexible. That flexibility allows them to skim across sandy, grassy and even snowy surfaces without sinking so much they become ineffective. Lightweight construction also means you’re going to get a break on your fuel consumption. And more than that, the other components of your loader – particularly the idlers, sprockets and motor – won’t have to work as hard either, which should help extend their useful life. Our Terex PT50 MTL Tracks are built to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications so you’ll never need to worry about an ill-fitting track slipping off at a key moment. You’ll also likely discover that your loader is more efficient and effective than it’s ever been.

At Fortis, we believe that quality shouldn’t have to be prohibitively expensive so we strive to offer these Terex PT50 MTL Rubber Tracks at the most competitive price possible. Each and every track we sell is backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty and should you have any questions or issues you’ll discover our industry best customer service. So don’t delay. Get the most from your TP50 with Terex PT50 MTL Replacement Tracks from Fortis.


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