Terex PT60 Rubber Tracks 381×101.6×42

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Track width 381 mm
Track pitch 101.6 mm
Track links 42
Track weight 190.00 lbs
Track size 381x101.6x42
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

Fortis Terex PT60 MTL Replacement Tracks help you optimize your MTL performance while keeping your equipment on the job instead of on the sidelines. These are high quality, incredibly durable and effective Multi-Terrain Loader tracks that enable your PT60 to go places and do things discount tracks won’t allow. They’re built to OEM specs so you get a tight, custom fit every time and don’t have to worry that they’re going to pop off after a few repetitive movements. The tracks utilize leading-edge rubber compounds created in the lab with the specific needs of the MTL in mind. A slightly softer interior prevents excessive wear and tear while computer designed lugs grab the terrain without gouging it. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about corkscrewing your PT60 into the ground while working in a particular area.

The real secret to the incredible effectiveness and durability of our Terex PT60 MTL Rubber Tracks from Fortis is their Kevlar and Aramid Fiber core. Whereas steel core tracks are typically too heavy to be effective on loose terrain the Kevlar and Aramid Fibers at the heart of these Terex PT60 MTL Tracks make for a lighter track but one that is still tough as nails. A lighter track is one that is going to go easier on the other components of your loader. It’s also one that’s going to be more fuel efficient. Because the loader is not bogged down by excessive weight it will also be more responsive to operator commands and therefore safer.

Our Terex PT60 MTL Rubber Tracks are the type of accessory that can make the difference between a piece of equipment being an asset or an anchor. If your MTL is routinely sidelined by tracks popping off or shredding due to the unreal stress and strain they’re under it’s time to trade up to our Terex PT60 MTL Tracks. You’ll not only help preserve your bottom line you’ll also help prevent damage to your company reputation as well. Make sure your Terex PT60 never leaves the yard unless it’s wearing Terex PT60 MTL Replacement Tracks from Fortis.


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