Yanmar T175 Rubber Track 320x86x54

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Warranty Details
Track width 320 mm
Track pitch 86 mm
Track links 54
Track weight 375.00
Track size 20x86Ax54
2 year unconditional warranty
Warranty Details

Product Description

The Yanmar T175 weighs more than 8,500 pounds and can dump a ton of material more than 10 feet in the air. It’s serious heavy equipment that will only see its capabilities compromised if it’s fitted with cheap rubber tracks. Fortis skid steer loader tracks by comparison will enable your T175 to attain levels of performance and efficiency you likely never thought possible. We produce our Yanmar 320x86x54 rubber tracks using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guidelines and the highest grade natural and synthetic rubber compounds. The resulting track fits perfectly and is light, strong and long lasting.

Yanmar T175 rubber tracks from Fortis use that OEM fit to enable a smoother ride, greater mobility, better footholds and quieter operation. That perfect fit also goes a long way toward eliminating de-tracking events that can punch a hole in your bottom line and damage your reputation. In addition we embed a layer of continuous stainless steel cable deep inside each of our Yanmar rubber tracks to help the track repel invasive debris and ward off shredding. At the very base of the track is a layer of vulcanized rubber as well. This ultra-tough materials provides each of our rubber replacement tracks with formidable tensile strength that prevents it from warping on those days when the temperature pushes triple digits.

All of these benefits wouldn’t mean much though if we attached an outrageous price tag to our Yanmar skid steer loader rubber tracks. Fortunately, we understand the need to rein in costs and so we always offer our leading edge rubber tracks at a very competitive price. If you are thinking about switching to rubber tracks for your loader make sure you choose the one brand that will provide long term increases in productivity and profitability: Yanmar T175 replacement rubber tracks from Fortis, the industry leader.


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