Yanmar VIO50-3 Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

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Track width 400 mm
Track pitch 75.5 mm
Track links 74
Track weight 703.04 lbs
Track size 400x75.5x74
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

While the differences between the Yanmar VIO50-2 and VIO50-3 are subtle one thing is true for both of these mini excavators: they’re tough on rubber tracks. The VIO50-3 is one of the newer iterations of the company’s venerable VIO50 line. This type of zero tail swing mini excavator produces enormous lateral forces when working in tight quarters and if the rubber tracks you put on it aren’t up to the job you’ll be in a tight spot yourself.  Yanmar VIO50-3 mini excavator rubber tracks by Fortis are engineered specifically to handle the twisting, turning, stretching, pushing and pulling that are all in a day’s work for the VIO50-3.

Our Yanmar VIO50-3 rubber tracks keep going when lesser tracks fail because they’re built to Original Equipment Manufacturer specs. As such when you install our Yanmar VIO50-3 replacement tracks on your mini excavator they’ll fit like a glove and noticeably ramp up the handling and performance of your 50-3. No more calls from operators stranded by cheap tracks that have popped off or shredded. No more downtime eating into your margins. No more damage to your company reputation. But not only are these Yanmar rubber tracks fashioned to OEM specs they’re also composed of higher grade materials than the original factory installed rubber tracks. Outside are leading edge rubber compounds while inside are belts of continuously wound stainless steel cord that stand ready to repel invasive debris.

At Fortis, we understand the need to control expenses so we offer all our Yanmar VIO50-3 mini excavator rubber tracks at the most competitive prices possible. Each track is also covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty as well as our top-shelf customer service. When the time comes to switch your rubber tracks make sure you choose Yanmar VIO50-3 replacement tracks from Fortis.


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