CAT 279D CTL Roller

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Track width
Track pitch
Track links
Track weight 45.76 lbs
Track size
2 year unconditional warranty
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Product Description

When it comes to the construction business there are a million things that could go wrong. Still, some problems are within your ability to prevent and that includes certain types of track failure. If you let your CAT 279D compact track loader leave the yard with faulty rollers you’re asking for it to wind up sidelined. That’s because the malfunctioning roller(s) will put so much stress on the tracks that they just won’t be able to handle it for long. You can prevent roller-related track failure by simply assigning someone to inspect the undercarriage of your CAT 279D on a regular basis and replacing any worn, frozen or broken rollers with this CAT 279D CTL roller.

The compact track loader rollers are responsible for maintaining a proper relationship between the CAT 279D and the terrain. They bear the full load of the compact track loader and, as such, are susceptible to breakdowns. If your rollers seize up they act like an anchor on the loader, forcing the motor to work harder and eventually causing the track to fail. Make sure you have someone inspect the undercarriage of your CAT 279D on a regular basis and keep this CAT 279D CTL roller on hand in case you need it.


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